Why do I love living here?

A local Grass Valley organization asked their members to describe why they liked living here. Here is how they responded.

I love living here because of the strong sense of community, the natural beauty, closeness to the mountains, & excellent weather.

I love living in Nevada County because of the four seasons. We have beautiful springs and falls, hot wonderful summers for swimming in the Yuba, and cold snowy winters for skiing and winter sports nearby at Lake Tahoe resorts.

Yes, we live in an area of beautiful forest, lakes, and rivers. Yes, we have such an abundance of cultural and community events. Yes, we have Sierra College and opportunities for educational growth for all ages. But the real essence of Grass Valley and Nevada City is the quality of the people who live here. From people you pass on the sidewalk, clerks in the stores, folks in a restaurant or at church, there is an attitude of friendliness.

Above all else, the Yuba River, hiking and swimming. Below the Snow, Above the Fog. In the mountains but close to the ocean.

I love being able to garden all year round, and still be within an easy drive to get to great skiing (both downhill and x-country) and hiking in the mountains amongst the wild flowers.

This is one of ‘biggest’ small towns I’ve lived in, where there is a strong sense of community, stunning nature, and with vibrant and diverse cultural happenings.

Less than an hour in one direction to the granite glory of High Sierra vistas; in another direction, less than an hour to the “big city” resources of Sacramento.
There’s an incredible diversity of music and theater for such a rural location.
While there’s obviously room for improvement, the range of services for folks with mental health challenges is amazing for a small rural county.

The beauty of the land and organizations dedicated to protecting it.
Large and very successful food coop/grocery store (with predominantly organic products, and produce from many local organic farmers); and several farmer’s markets.
Art, music, community college, and lots of organizations dedicated to progressive social causes.

There are more bookstores here than any other town of its size, plus the incredible films available, not to mention the nature walks.

I have lived in multiple cities and three countries. People here live more in tune with the earth than anywhere else I’ve lived. If the weather is beautiful we are joyful. If it rains we are thankful. If it snows we are playful. For all of it we are grateful.

I love living here because most drivers are so polite, you could fall asleep waiting at a four-way stop sign.

We arrived here with primary school aged children. The schools are excellent. Family recreation opportunities including cross country skiing, swimming and hiking as well as all the cultural activities. The cost of living and pace of life are much more appealing than the Bay Area yet we have easy access to all the high end places in Northern California.
*We have a great cultural scene: everything from folk guitarists and visits by famous musicians like Winton Marsalis to two excellent classical instrumental and choral music groups plus several very good drama groups; 11 movie screens and many fine and diverse restaurants.

*Within less than an hour drive we have trailheads in the High Sierra for late summer and early fall and the rest of the year some wonderful hikes along the South Yuba and the waterfall in the Spenceville Wildlife Area. The South Yuba is one of the great swimming rivers anywhere and March to May there are wonderful wildflower displays.

*There are many opportunities to volunteer for local environmental groups.

I work in Silicon Valley during the week which is a crazy place. I lice in Nevada City on weekends to re-balance myself, as it nurtures my soul.

Excellent community college with courses for adults

Central hospital with many services and also classes

One hour’s drive to major airport

Lake Tahoe with summer and winter recreation only an hour and a half away.

Community that is especially supportive of non-profit organizations.

Many hiking trails among the trees, suitable for all levels.

The trees. The culture with visiting well known artists and commentators, like Amy Goodman, the caring community at large.

I chose a small town. I enjoy the natural beauty and all that it provides.

I have found wonderful people here – people who chose to escape the “rat race” of the urban areas, to set aside ambition and money and trade them in for quality-of-life. So many kind, thoughtful people who are always surprising me with their talents, skills, and knowledge.

I love the beautiful four seasons in the sierra foothills especially the fall colors, fresh local food, Briar Patch Co-Op, KVMR community radio, great schools, wineries, hiking, lakes, friendly people, arts and big music scene.

My husband and I have had opportunities to live in many places across the US but each time we chose to live here. Nowhere else can beat the scenic beauty, proximity to both San Francisco and the Sierras and the joy of being part of a place “where everybody knows your name.”

Nevada County has a welcoming vibe in its residents not often encountered. I made a large life change and leap of faith to move here and have not looked back since. The people and communities are very special. So along with being able to be “plugged” or “unplugged” technology-wise, with stunning scenery at hand, an unexpected international hub for artists and technology – I love living here!

I love living in Nevada County because of the many fine cultural activities available to me and my fellow congregants. We enjoy live theater, local singers and other musicians, top flight performers passing through on their way from Reno to the Bay Area, and writers, poets, and other fascinating people who live and work in this blessed part of the world.