We at Wolf Creek Lodge bought our homes to be part of the senior cohousing culture. While the desirability of individual homes was obviously an important consideration, our purchases were primarily about living in community, not real estate. We encourage you to get to know members of the community. Come spend a few nights in a guest room to get a hang of the culture and the lifestyle. We think the life style is hugely different from the norm and excitingly better. Only then ask yourself if there is a home that will be comfortable for you and the stuff you decide to bring.

If you agree with all this…and you still want to see pictures then click on "Available" in the menu above.

Along with your home you also have a common room, a living room, multipurpose room, laundry, spa, common kitchen, patio, three guest rooms, extensive landscaping, optionally space in the underground garage and acres of open space. Please enjoy the pictures. Better yet, come and see for yourself how an efficient green-built home, beautiful shared areas, and a warm supportive community can enrich your life.


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It's difficult to really get a feel for a home when looking at a picture. Far better to come and visit. In some cases there is a link from a home to a picture of an occupied one that is similar.

Homes will become available from time to time. We aim to keep this information current. Please call or email us for the latest updates. We may have information about a planned sale before the the sellers are ready to place it on this website.