Considering senior cohousing?

You probably have many details to think about as you consider where and how you want to live in retirement and beyond. We have compiled the questions below to help you  decide whether or not to chose senior cohousing.We welcome your questions and look forward to having you visit us In Grass Valley where you can also meet many of our members.

You are always invited to join us at one of our Open Houses on the second Saturday of each month. email: to sign up.

1)  Being connected with neighbors is a cornerstone of cohousing communities like Wolf Creek Lodge. What aspects of being connected with others appeal to you most? (shared meals, friends for outings, living with like-minded people, aging in a supportive community, health benefits of community living, etc.) What concerns do you have about living in a close-knit community?

2)  Feeling secure can be an issue for many of us as we age. What do you need in your environment and life to feel secure? (people around during the day/night, live close to services, secure physical environment, financial security, etc.

3)  Most of us value living a vibrant and independent life for as long as possible. What does living independently mean to you? (manage day-to-day life, participate in decision-making, come and go as please, not a burden on family, own home/car, lifelong learning, etc.)

4)  Medical research has found a positive direct link between health and living in community. Staying healthy and active is important to all of us. What questions and concerns do you have? (access to medical care, alternative care options, physical activity, mental stimulation, etc.)

5)  Reducing our impact on the earth is important to many members of Wolf Creek Lodge. We hope to develop ways that we as a community can integrate sustainable practices into our daily lives. What aspects of sustainable living are most important to you? (downsize personal space and belongings, reduce home maintenance, walkability to services, green building, organic foods, reduce use of natural resources, reduce overall consumption, etc.)

6)  In thinking about your financial present and future, what questions and concerns come to mind? (selling home, making downpayment, securing financing, managing living expenses, etc.)

7)  You will undoubtedly consider many factors in making your decision about your future home. Some of the following may be important to you.

Living in Nevada County
Being close to family
Being in nature
Having pets
Having access to art and culture
Intellectual pursuits such as classes and clubs
Community service
Renting out your home

Thank you for your interest. You are always invited to join us at one of our Open Houses on the second Saturday of each month. email: to sign up.  We look forward to meeting you!

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