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Nancy and I live on the Eastern Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains in VA. We have three sons, one daughter-in-law, one grand grandchild, two grand dogs, and a fluctuating number of grand chickens all of whom live in Oakland. Everyone loves California and will never look eastward so it is apparent that if we are to spend any time with our family (as in granddaughter) we must live closer than 2500 miles. Hence, Wolf Creek Lodge is a perfect compromise—not too far and not too close. We are also looking forward to being intentional good neighbors in our new life.

We enjoy cooking, gardening, and spring wildflowers. Nancy also plays bridge and tennis. (I say I play tennis but those who have seen me do not agree!) I am an accomplished curmudgeon, and I am currently working on an advanced degree in Lollygaging.


Jo was born and raised in England and moved to Toronto, Canada at age 21. She just up and got on a ship in Liverpool with $100 in her pocket. It was all she had in the world. Jo stayed in Toronto for six years. Still following her love of investigating other cultures, she married a New Zealander she met in Toronto and traveled with him through the U.S. and on to New Zealand, where they lived for a year. After living in San Francisco for three years, they moved to Grass Valley where her husband got a job. She has lived there for forty years and still loves to travel. In fact, she has been around the world twice. This spring she traveled through Malaysia and Indonesia, and she tries to go home to England every year.

Jo is a nurse case manager at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley. Working there, she became aware of the many patients who had not made plans for their elder years, and she realized she needed to make a plan for herself. Cohousing, with its built-in co-support, became her answer. When she learned about Wolf Creek Lodge, she felt it was a good fit.

Jo is a very active person, even when she is not traveling. She loves to hike and has a bike and kayak. She looks forward to biking and kayaking with her new friends and neighbors when she moves into Wolf Creek Lodge. Jo also loves to read; she’s an expert knitter, and she sews. Jo’s hand-knitted socks are famous at Christmas parties, and she is part of a church group that knits shawls for sick people to give them comfort.

Jo is eagerly looking forward to moving into Wolf Creek Lodge and sharing the journey of cohousing with her new neighbors.


Claire grew up in rural Saskatchewan, traveled to England for a long vacation at age 17 , eventually returning to Canada five years later having completed nursing training and having met future husband, Bob.

Later, after a couple of transatlantic trips, they married and set up home in Sunbury-on-Thames near London, where son Sam was born. A work relocation took them to Liverpool where Jennifer was born.

In 1978, the family set out on a new adventure, moving to Stow, MA. After being a stay at home Mom, while their children became independent, Claire did a complete career change – first working in a specialized custom woodworking and cabinet shop and then progressing to opening her own custom kitchen design and remodeling showroom in Concord, MA.

In 2004, when the opportunity to sell the business came up, Claire & Bob retired to Truckee, Ca.

Claire enjoys everything outdoors – gardens, growing things, flowers (wild and cultivated), hiking, skiing, swimming and boats, biking, and hanging out in the hammock down by the stream. She also enjoys singing and is hopeful of finding three like-minded souls at Wolf Creek Lodge to help form a new barbershop quartet.


Bob was born in England of an English mother and a Scottish father. At the age of eleven he moved, with his English accent, to Scotland. So far he is the only member of Wolf Creek Lodge to captain his High School cricket team.

He graduated from Glasgow University with a degree in Physics and returned to England. It was there that he met his Canadian wife, Claire. They had a son and a daughter and moved with them to the greater Boston area in 1978, still with Bob’s English accent. There they joined the local Unitarian Universalist congregation. They have continued to be active Unitarian Universalists now at UUCM in Grass Valley.

Bob worked in the computer industry in a variety of roles and for companies large and small. His major contributions were as a manager of software engineers for both large companies and two startups.

In the winter months Bob is a ski bum, both downhill and cross country often at Sugar Bowl and Royal Gorge. In the summer he rides a mountain bike in the nearby Empire Mine State Park and hikes either locally, in the Grouse Ridge area, on the Sierra Summit or around Lake Tahoe.

He works a little for his son’s engineering firm and gets volunteered as a computer person by various non-profits. Now as a member of the “eComm” team at Wolf Creek Lodge he supports both community systems and those of the individual members.


Krista: I was born in southern California and grew up enjoying the beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu. My family moved to the SF Peninsula where I went to high school before returning to Claremont to attend Pitzer College. I did a lot of singing including some with Guy Carawan, a preeminent folk singer of the day, and earned my B.A. in Folklife Studies. Along the way I spent a semester in Appalachia and got very involved in health care and women’s rights issues.

Mike: I was born and raised in inner-city Philadelphia, got a B.A in Philosophy and concomitantly earned my M.A. in Mathematics at Villanova U. I ran some student community involvement programs and talked about the possibility of co-housing with college friends (although the term didn’t yet exist). I then moved to Claremont Graduate School for work on a Math Ph.D. and to experience the 60s in So Cal. Since it was already the early 70s this merely confirmed my life-long membership in the American Procrastinator’s Society. I became one of the original “Faculty in Residence” at Pitzer (translation: I was a dorm mother, but that’s a story for another time), where I met and fell in love with Krista.

We moved to the SF Bay area; got married; stayed close with family in Orinda, Berkeley, Grass Valley and Nevada City; started our own family; became owner-operators of Kimberwicke, a large equestrian facility; and learned some barnyard Spanish. Krista’s love of horses was a big help (not so much Mike’s years on the concrete streets of Philly playing buck-buck, wire ball, and half-ball). In our spare time, Mike taught middle school and community college math, and Krista got her second B.S. in Nutritional Science from UC Davis.

K: As a young parent I got interested in Montessori education, earned my credential, and started Myrtle Farm Montessori, a highly popular, well-respected, and successful pre-school in Concord, CA. A career in Montessori education proved to be a perfect fit for my interests in music, science, anthropology, gardening, and animal husbandry. A decade later, at the behest of parents at my school, I founded Eagle Peak Montessori, the first charter school in the Mount Diablo District, serving elementary-aged children. I was its director and administrator for 6 years before returning to teach at Myrtle Farm.

M: I moved to teaching math at what is now CSU East Bay, mostly to prospective teachers, and did a lot of volunteer work for the California Mathematics Council (CMC), the state professional organization of math teachers. That led to work for the State Department of Education through a program at UC Berkeley. Later I became the one and only full-time employee of CMC.

When the children were young we lived in a great neighborhood with lots of friends for us and our kids. We moved to start Myrtle Farm on semi-isolated/rural land in Concord. This proved to be a great location for the school, but we lost our neighborhood and any sense of community. Our daughter now lives in Colorado (as an equine veterinary resident) and our son lives in West Sac (as a Ph.D. student in Evolutionary Biology at UC Davis). We miss them and we greatly miss living in a neighborhood of friends. We have investigated co-housing developments in various parts of the country, but never quite clicked with any of them. Then we discovered senior co-housing and knew that Wolf Creek Lodge was where we wanted to spend our active, senior years (Krista fulfills Active; Mike Senior). Aging in place speaks loudly to us and Grass Valley is the ideal location.


I arrived in the Bay Area in 1971. In the early years I taught 10 and 11 year olds at Presidio Hill School in San Francisco. It was a small progressive private school that was started in 1918. This is where I first learned what community was all about. The parents, teachers and kids were an extended family.

In the later years I worked for the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, which is a part of the National Park Service. My job title was “Interpretative Ranger” which meant, generally, I told people about the Park. My favorite part was working with teachers to develop programs to get kids involved with the natural world and Golden Gate National Recreational Area. I was lucky enough to have a duplex in the Marin Headlands, which was inside Golden Gate National Recreational Area. There I lived for the last 14 years of my 19 years at the Park.

As retirement was approaching I was looking for a place to live as well as a way to retire. Since I had Park housing, when I left my job I had to leave my home. I had been looking at cohousing possibilities for some time. I took cohousing tours in Santa Rosa, Cotati, and Sebastopol. Also, some places in Portland and Tucson were appealing. I was on the Wolf Creek Lodge newsletter email list for a year before I visited in February, March, and April. I joined in May 2011.

I retired on June 30, 2011 and moved to Grass Valley on July 31, 2011. I volunteer at the local elementary school in an anti-bullying program called Steps to Respect. I’m in a training program at Empire Mine State Park. I joined the South Yuba Club Fitness Center and take Qi Gong with several Wolf Creek Lodge members. I’ve also joined the local ACBL Bridge club and play with Wayne Vasey, another Wolf Creek Lodge member. I love it here, and the Wolf Creek Lodge community is ideal for me.


Bio coming soon






Joyce has lived in California most of her life. She has a son in Mountain View and two grandchildren in Utah.   A world traveler she has been to such places as Japan, South Africa, Kazakhstan and the hills of Thailand.  She has just returned from an intergenerational trip to China with her 11 year old grandson.

She had a career as a school teacher.  More recently she has been a volunteer in two programs in Sacramento.  In one she coordinated and was a tutor in a tutoring program in a local school.  In the other she coordinated the IHN/Family Promise program in a Sacramento Church.  Homeless families sleep for a week about four times a year in the church.  Joyce made sure that volunteers were available to provide meals, welcome the guests and monitor the building.  She is pleased that she has found groups of people to take over these two  jobs.

She looks forward to joining the Wolf Creek Lodge community and finding volunteer opportunities in Grass Valley.


I’m fortunate to be retired. WCL_bobBranstrom201705My career included stints with the State of California, Wells Fargo Bank and United Behavioral Health. After 30 years in the Bay Area, I “came home” to Grass Valley, a place I’ve visited often in the past, in 2013.

I enjoy outdoor activities and am an active hiker, bicyclist and kayaker. After taking breaks for a couple years, I’ve begun Scottish Country Dancing and gardening again. A new interest, begun since moving to Grass Valley, is videography.

One of the things I enjoy about Nevada County is the small population. This allows people to get involved in the local community and have a real impact. Since being here, I have been a Master Gardener, a volunteer at the local hospital, and a regular attendee at local water district board meetings. I’m now broadening my activism by helping others run for local government office.


Marcia TaylorMarcia was born and schooled in Detroit Michigan but left her Detroit home to accompany her husband to France when she was 17. He wished to attend USC when his army service ended so they moved to Southern California.

Marcia’s daughters were born in Southern Ca where Marcia settled into homemaking and volunteer work. When the marriage ended in 1968, Marcia began her college career working towards an accounting degree thus causing a busy time with children, school and work.

However difficult this time period was all sections flourished. Marcia grew into a Controller’s position before graduating with honors from California State University Fullerton, Arlene graduated from high school and moved to Florida to attend college becoming an Xray Tech and moving to Boston, Ruth began high school in Huntington Beach and Marcia married Ted in 1973. Life was busy and exciting as Marcia and Ted took weekends, discovering the dirt roads of So Ca in their converted van.

In 1978 Ruth was in her second year of college, Marcia completed her B.A. degree and Arlene was firmly settled in Boston, while Ted’s four children were firmly on their own paths. The decision was made to quit jobs, sell the house, buy the first RV and travel the US and Canada. What an outstanding year, or almost full year, this time turned into.

Time kept moving on with Arlene having two sons and Ruth having one daughter and one son, Ted and Marcia settling in Albuquerque, finding new positions and a new home. However, Ted position didn’t last so he accepted a promising position in Newport Beach, but Marcia, wishing for stability, remained in Albuquerque. After six months Marcia followed Ted to California, shortly finding her position in LA with a large Engineering firm where she stayed and grew for almost 20 years. Ted’s health failed leaving Marcia a widow in 2001.

In 2002 Marcia drove to Alaska with her two labs, learning new skills on her first single expedition. With retirement close, Marcia began a two year search for a new way to live. Finding Wolf Creek Lodge begins a new adventure.

SUE & CHUCK EDSONSue & Chuck Edson

Chuck was born in Texas, moved many times as a child, attending high school and college in Pennsylvania. Before starting college he spent four years in the Air Force, stationed in various places in the U.S. He discovered California when he studied for his Master’s Degree in Engineering at USC. After graduating he worked for Litton Industries on a program that allowed him to live for several years in Europe, specifically in Italy (Turin and Rome), Holland (Amsterdam) and Germany (Ingolstadt).

Sue grew up in London. After graduating from college with a degree in English she jumped at the opportunity to escape from the rain to teach in schools on the Continent. She taught at international high schools in Switzerland (near Neuchatel) and Holland (The Hague) and also in Turin as a teacher of English to Italian engineers. She and Chuck met while they were both working in Turin and they were married in London. They lived for a while in Rome and Germany before Litton transferred Chuck to the States.

They spent the next four years in Southern California, with a brief sojourn in Ohio, where Carol, their first child, was born. Chuck was always scheming to get back to Europe and managed to finagle himself a job in Milan. Their son, Mark, was born in Milan. After two years in Milan they moved to Munich. When the children were 3 and 5 Chuck’s job brought him back to the States, this time to Northern California. They bought a house in Saratoga and enjoyed life there and later in Los Gatos for the next forty years, to their great surprise. The nomadic phase was over. It was a grand adventure while it lasted.

When the children got older, Sue worked as a travel agent, a profession she enjoyed and which gave her access to fabulous deals on air fares and other perks. Once she and Chuck became empty-nesters they developed the habit of making two trips a year back to Europe.

Both children are married and both have two daughters. Their son lives north of Seattle, in Lake Stevens; Carol lives in Nevada City, where her husband grew up. Sue and Chuck love living near the two granddaughters.

The decision to move to Wolf Creek Lodge was a sudden one, even though after they retired they had planned eventually to move closer to Carol. A weekend stay in a guest room was all that was needed for them to realize that Wolf Creek was the perfect place to live, in a vibrant community of active seniors.


Judith grew up in Minnesota and loves the big blue sky and deep green firs of Grass Valley. She retired as Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at Penn State University in 2001 and has had a therapeutic massage practice, first in PA and then in the Bay Area, since 2002. She came to the Bay Area to marry Jim; they married in 2003 in Chicago, where they had met in 1967 in college at The University of Chicago. When she is not giving massages, she paints a few watercolors and reads constantly.

Jim was born in the Philippines where his father was in the US Army and grew up in San Francisco, except when the family was posted to Okinawa when he was very young. He will retire from running a credit union for Social Security employees, in the Richmond federal building. He has two grown sons, one in Davis and the other in Berkeley.

Both of us love the warmth and competence of the Wolf Creek community as well as the beautiful and sensible architecture of our unit and the common spaces. Jim is enthusiastically explaining common meals to all our friends and is an enthusiastic and inventive cook.

We are so eager to move there full-time sometime in summer/fall of 2016 and we thank you all for being welcoming, helpful and fun.


Simplifying my life and living in a community of friends are goals I have been working towards for a number of years. I thought cohousing was an obvious way to do that, and an adventure for my later years. However, nothing came together until Wolf Creek Lodge.

Originally from Wisconsin, I left after college. I worked as a reference librarian for many years while raising three stepsons and discovering the multi-cultural history and lifestyle of northern New Mexico. Previously I had lived on the island of Curacao, where my husband and I started a restaurant, which is still there.

After moving from New Mexico, I lived for twenty years in the Northwest, drawn by the ocean. I loved the progressive, independent spirit of the Northwest, but was wanting more sun. So, here I am on my new life adventure.

CASEY HAVENcasey02edited

I was born in New York. My father worked for General Electric so every six or seven years we moved. I have lived in Schenectady New York, Roanoke Virginia, Cincinnati Ohio, and back to Westchester, New York during high school. I attended an all-women’s college in upstate New York where I doubled majored in Literature and Fine Art. After graduating I visited San Francisco and decided that was the where I wanted to live forever. Been in The Bay Area ever since.

I loved to create things right from the get go and was heavily encouraged by my father who, from a young age brought me to museums and galleries all over the world. He also supplied me with wonderful art books and an embarrassment of art materials with which to play.

After graduating college, I married Ken Haven and proceeded to get a Graphic Design degree from The Academy Of Art College in San Francisco. I worked as a graphic artist until 1986, when I quit to pursue abstract painting full time. In 1990 at the age of 39, I gave birth to a magnificent baby girl named Emma.

I continued to paint and started designing jewelry. In 1992, I learned to program HTML from a Dominican Sister at the local convent…there were no books or programs at that time. It was so magical and I jumped in feet first. Unlike most artists at the time, I was taken with the World Wide Web and was thrilled to add web page design to my accomplishments.

Emma grew up and attended Iowa State University where she majored in Agronomy with a specialization in Soil and Water Conservation. She is now happily employed as a Soil Scientist and loves every minute of it. I am so proud of my girl, a young woman thriving in a traditional man’s world.

Recently, after 42 years of marriage I found myself divorced. The first thing I did was check into Cohousing. After reading many articles over the years, it seemed an appropriate solution for a newly single woman. I found The Wolf Creek Lodge on the internet and started a series of weekend visits, resulting in my decision to buy a unit and move in ASAP. The real gold mine in Grass Valley is this community. How I lucked out, I’ll never comprehend but I am so grateful to have landed on my new happy feet. And I intend to take up my arts again full time.

I don’t think of Cohousing as alternative housing; I think of it as housing the way it’s supposed to be.





Some of our members are still working on their bios while others are too busy living their lives to have time to write. Come and visit them.