The Lodge

Wolf Creek Lodge Adult Cohousing

Our Lodge is specially designed to meet the needs of active adults who are seeking a way to live and to age in a supportive and vibrant community. Our desire is to live active, rich lives in a caring community of like-minded people, and to age in place in that community with comfort, control, and independence.

Our location

Wolf Creek Lodge, situated above scenic Wolf Creek, is rural in feel yet in close proximity to two shopping centers and bus service. Thanks to our walkable location, car use can be cut to a minimum.  Downtown Grass Valley, formerly a booming mining town during the gold rush era and now an historic center for arts, culture and recreation, is just minutes away.

We care about the earth. We care about each other.

We kept these two goals in mind as we developed Wolf Creek Lodge with architect, Charles Durrett, who, with his wife Kathryn McCamant brought the concept of cohousing to the U.S. from Denmark. We are proud of Wolf Creek Lodge and its well planned architectural design. We are creating a space that encourages and facilitates living in a community of caring and supportive people and, at the same time, supports us in maintaining our own independence and privacy.

Living our values. Living well without sacrifice.

One of our primary goals for Wolf Creek Lodge is to provide a safe and healthy community where members can live long and healthy lives. To this end, we have chosen to be a non-smoking community. Smoking is not allowed in any of the indoor or outdoor areas of Wolf Creek Lodge.

Friendship. Support. Community. Fun.

The most exciting aspect of cohousing is people coming together in community, and our Lodge is built to facilitate interaction. The heart of Wolf Creek Lodge is its Common House. Located at the center of the lodge, it is easily accessible by elevator or walkways from all of the private homes. Its 4,000 square feet  serves as an extended, multifunctional addition to each member’s home.

Shared meals. Celebrations. Spontaneous Events

One of the most enjoyable activities of cohousing is coming together for meals. Members enjoy common meals together three or four times a week. Attendance is optional. Members are expected to be on a cook team once per month. Some members who enjoy cooking do it more often. Cooking skills are not necessary. There are plenty of cooks who welcome someone to chop, set table and help clean up. The thoughtfully designed, roomy kitchen in the Common House facilitates ease and economy of movement for two or more chefs as they prepare and serve their delicious meals.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the large dining room. This room is designed to be used for many activities in addition to dining. Here people can dance, have parties, exercise, practice yoga, hold meetings, dialog with guest speakers, or engage in a myriad of activities we probably haven’t thought of yet.

Friendship. Shared resources. Rightsizing.

The dining room opens on to our spacious patio terrace where  outdoor tables provide an inviting place for eating outside. The terrace offers an expansive view of the property and, at night,  provides the perfect place for star gazing. Below this is a series of terraced areas to be beautifully landscaped with flowers, trees, vegetables and paths, one of which leads to a hot tub. All together, there is over 8,500 square feet of decks and terraces from which we enjoy our beautiful grounds.

Energy saving. Better Built. Green

The Common House sitting room shares a gas fireplace with the dining room. Here people  gather to talk, play games, read, watch TV, do crafts, or just relax. There is room for engaging with other people or enjoying being alone, depending on one’s preference at the moment. The sitting room is a cozy place, inviting, comfortable and tastefully furnished.

We have a coffee bar off the kitchen where people gather for espresso or tea and informal conversation. Here, as everywhere, members enjoy group activities such as kayaking, walking, and hiking, or impulsively decide to go to a movie or play, or just hang out.

Smaller Footprint

The Common House  also offer boxes for mail delivery, a laundry room, an office, storage space, and a multi-purpose room. One of the great advantages of cohousing is the opportunity to share such things as laundry soap, maintenance and garden tools, copy machine, fax, printer, and such, reducing the need for multiple purchases of things that can easily be shared.

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FAQs about Lodge Membership

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