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Butch grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and joined the Air Force out of high school. He married and had 2 children and then returned to the Bay Area to attend college and obtain his elementary teaching credential. After many other endeavors including running a mountain resort and owning a gas station and tire shop in Modoc County, Butch moved to Nevada City to teach special education at an alternative high school.

Virginia grew up in southern California and Sacramento, attended college in Long Beach, married and had 2 children. She moved to Nevada City in 1967 and worked at a Quaker boarding high school for many years.

Butch and Virginia met after the death of their spouses and were married in 1998. Volunteering for Music in the Mountains, hiking, riding bikes as often as possible and travel fill much of their time in addition to the work necessary when one lives on 15 acres.

We have chosen to downsize and simplify our lives in our retirement years and are enjoying being active participants in developing the Wolf Creek Lodge community.


Suzanne is a native Californian who grew up amid fruit and walnut trees on her parents’ farm in Brentwood. In the mid ‘60s, she graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English and a Secondary Teaching Credential. After teaching English in Oakland for three years, she dropped out to live the hippy life in Berkeley. This phase culminated in buying a backpack and traveling throughout Europe for four months. Back home again, she shared a large house in Oakland with several friends. While living there, she earned an MS degree in Education and a Reading Specialist Credential, after which she began teaching in Newark, California. Somehow, she remained working in Newark for twenty-nine years. (She’s still not sure how this happened.) In the mid ‘90s, she embarked on a new path, going to school at night and earning an MA degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

In 1976, Suzanne met Michael Marriott, and within two years they were married. Michael and Suzanne made their home in Castro Valley where they raised his three daughters from a previous marriage. Suzanne’s life changed abruptly when Michael was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1996. He died from complications of the disease on January 1, 2006. At this point in her life, co-housing offers Suzanne a way of moving into the future with the caring and support of a community and the opportunity to care for and support others through cooperative living. She relates to a quotation of Thomas Moore (theologian and author of Care of the Soul) which she came upon in the 2006 Nov./Dec. issue of Spirituality & Health magazine, “… community is a way we transcend our personal lives…” (p. 10). She is excited about being a co-developer of Wolf Creek Lodge with her soon-to-be neighbors, and is passionate about sustainable living and protecting the environment. Suzanne’s other interests include transpersonal and spiritual studies and experiential work, travel, personal writing, being in nature, gathering together with friends, and yoga.

The Making of Senior Cohousing: The Story of Wolf Creek Lodge (pdf)
written by Suzanne in Communities Magazine link

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I’m Sue Dunbar and it was a joy for me to join Wolf Creek Lodge. I’ve lived in Placer County since 1988, first in Auburn, now in Colfax, and have been interested in co-housing for several years. I was part of the first CoHo group in Auburn that never really got off the ground. I’ve actually always wanted to live in Nevada County, and couldn’t believe my good fortune to be part of this group of thinking, conscientious, spirited individuals! I have come to realize that living alone as I grow older in the place I live right now will not be healthy for me. I need the community atmosphere to thrive.

I was born and raised in Ohio and have degrees in Spanish and International Business. In my varied careers, I’ve been a Spanish speaking social worker, bookstore owner/manager, restaurant worker and long-time elections tech for Placer County.

Grass Valley holds many attractions for me. Earlier in my life, I sang with Music in the Mountains (and plan to again) and was active in little theatre (including a radio theatre group at KVMR radio station in Nevada City). The importance of this area in the Gold Rush is fascinating. And our intentions to live lightly on the land are inspiring. I can’t wait to move in, for I know it will feel like coming home!


Pam Jung is a transplanted Connecticut Yankee who has lived in Nevada County since 1983. She is a writer, editor, journalist; a single woman who loves the outdoors, reading and socializing; her major interest now is climate change.


I was born in Berlin, Germany in March of 1923. magdaleneForNewsletterMy family was a well educated middle class family, and I am the oldest of three siblings. After happy childhood years, everything changed with the Hitler regime and the outbreak of WWII. I lost 8 of my high school companions and my fiancé in that war.

However, good times came again after I met Henry Jaeckel, in Graz, Austria. We were married, and I experienced the joys of three-generational living in the big house of Henry’s parents for 10 years. Our own two children shared a happy life there with 7 other children. We immigrated to the USA in 1952. It was a big change for us, but we learned to be “good American citizens” and were grateful for the openness and welcome we found in this country and in Detroit, where Henry worked for Ford Motor Company. We had two more children in Detroit. Our vacations were always spent camping and exploring the great outdoors as well as the historical places, like Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

When it was time to retire, we moved to Nevada City, California. Here we enjoyed the small city life with all its cultural offerings nearby as well as the beautiful natural surroundings. I was active with Hospice of the Foothills for 11 years, used to sing in Music in the Mountains, used to hike in the mountains and swim in the beautiful Yuba River close to Nevada City.

Twelve years ago, my husband’s health was declining, and we moved to Highgate, an assisted living community. My husband passed away in January 2007. While he was in Hospice care, I attended a presentation about the new Co-housing community that was being built in Grass Valley. I immediately joined the group, and though it took five years till our dream was realized, it was worth the struggle. Being part of this active group, the Wolf Creek Cohousing, turned out to be just the right thing for me.

I cannot do the former activities any longer, but the wonderful companionship of Cohousing keeps me happy and engaged. I started a new life, even though I am not young any longer.

Read Magdalene’s article in The Union.


I am Jacque Bromm, jacqueEditeda born adventurer who originated in Cleveland, Ohio (hence my environmentalism) and moved across the continent via Route 66 at a young age. I had an idyllic youth growing up in Redondo Beach, sailing, canoeing, and boogie boarding. Moved to northern California where I earned a degree/ teachers’ credential in Speech Pathology/Special Education. Married/raised two wonderful daughters in rural Placer County while pursuing a career with Placer County Office of Education. This is where I became enchanted with the Sierra Nevada with backpacking, kayaking, white water rafting and snowshoe hiking escapades.

Since retiring, I have enjoyed a new adventure in the form of cohousing. I love the Grass Valley/Nevada City locale for the rich cultural and historical life and for the outdoor accessibility. I admire the idea of sustainable housing and how it relates to both structural and sociological community development.

Aging is possibly our last adventure in life. Having witnessed the death and declining health of my parents and the heartrending care provided by hospice and others, has made me mindful of how important a supporting community can be in providing a dignified and meaningful closure to an end of life adventure.

In the meantime, I’m off “adventuring” wherever and whenever. I recently traveled to northern Italy where the hiking was wonderful and I will soon be off to a kayaking trip in southern Greenland.

The adventure continues.


We are both transplanted Midwesterners, Gayle from Michigan, and Richard from Indiana. Gayle moved to Southern California in 1974 and Richard moved from St. Louis to Orange County in 1985. Together, we have traveled to Mexico, Europe, and Australia, and Richard has lived in Berlin and six states besides California and has traveled to Korea, Russia, Costa Rica, and Pakistan.

As a Principal Technical Writer for Broadcom Corporation in Irvine, Richard develops user manuals that explain how to use the wireless (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) networking capabilities of mobile computers. Earlier in his career as a civil engineer, Richard worked in engineering design and consulting on commercial and heavy industrial construction projects, petroleum pipeline projects, and remedial investigation and feasibility studies of contaminated properties.

Gayle retired in 2006 after working for 19 years as a special librarian in the News Research Department of the Orange County Register Newspaper. She’s been enjoying the free time to become more fit, attend interesting Lifelong Learning courses through the UC Irvine extension services, and do some volunteer work.

Our interests and hobbies include music, art, theater, movies, travel, photography, gardening, hiking and exploring nature.

We are excited to become part of Wolf Creek Lodge cohousing community whose shared vision matches our values. The beautiful site includes the woods and creek that we pictured in our ideal retirement home. We felt a kinship with the group on first meeting them in March, 2008 and look forward to getting to know all of our Wolf Creek Lodge neighbors.


Both Dick and Deleaua were born and raised in Santa Barbara where they met and married. They moved to San Luis Obispo where Dick attended California State Polytechnic University in Electronic Engineering and where they started their family of two daughters.

After graduation they moved to Palo Alto. Dick went to work for Hewlett Packard as an engineer and then as a manager, did graduate work at Stanford and got an MBA from Santa Clara University while Deleaua attended San Jose State University to get her B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy.

After ten years they moved to Petaluma and lived on 100 acres they built into a sheep ranch while Dick worked as a manufacturing manager and Deleaua worked as a manager for therapy services in a rehabilitation hospital. Both daughters married and there are three grandkids. One daughter lives in Vancouver, WA and the other lives in Grass Valley.

Twenty years later, in a quest for a simpler lifestyle, they moved to Auburn where Deleaua continued working while Dick pursued semi retirement working in the off-road 4 wheel drive business.

Recently they both decided to stop working and look for the ideal place to spend their retirement years where they could enjoying activities such as 4 wheeling, kayaking, biking, hiking, wine tasting, traveling and attending the great cultural events available in Nevada County. They feel Wolf Creek Lodge is the ideal setting to age-in-place in a supportive community close to shopping and activities while still providing a balance of social and private living. They are looking forward to Cohousing.


Bob was born in Meridian, Mississippi, and his family moved to California when he was 4 years old. Bob grew up in Gilroy. He has two younger brothers and a sister. He attended college at San Jose State, obtaining a B.S. and M.S. in Geology. He worked as a technician for the U.S. Geological Survey for several years, then went to work for private environmental consulting firms where he has done soil and groundwater contamination investigations and remediation projects for many years. He is currently working for Portage Environmental at Beale Air Force Base, assisting with clean-up of base soil and groundwater. He enjoys bicycling, both road riding on his recumbent and mountain biking, puttering, wine tasting, and camping.

Gail was born in Southern California and grew up in Hesperia, located in the high desert. As soon as she could, she moved to Santa Cruz to attend college and stayed in the area for a number of years. She has a degree in Earth Science and has worked in environmental geology conducting soil and groundwater contamination investigations and remediation projects for many years. She currently works for the U.S. Forest Service in Nevada City where she is working on cleaning up a landfill in South Lake Tahoe and conducting environmental assessments of various Forest Service fuel management projects. She enjoys bicycling on her recumbent, cooking, reading, wine tasting, and listening to music.

Bob and Gail met at work in the San Jose area and moved to Boulder Creek after they married. Realizing that they did not want to commute to San Jose for 20 years, they moved to Grass Valley, where they have been happily living since 1989.


I moved to Grass Valley 10 years ago from San Diego where I played in the San Diego Symphony, Opera and Ballet. I am single and have a son who lives in Belgium with his family and a daughter in San Diego–6 grandchildren. Besides my professional life as a violinist and teacher, I enjoy painting, long walks and meditating on the big questions! Cohousing is a healthy solution in all ways to my question of how and where to live my elder years.


I’m Vicki and I couldn’t be more thrilled about becoming a Wolfie! Once I heard about cohousing, I knew it was for me. It’s the perfect blend of community and privacy and solves the challenges I have trying to create a supportive community within my own home. Shambo, my shy greyhound, will be my roommate at the Lodge. He’s especially excited because the ranch where I first met him is only fifteen minutes away. I plan to volunteer there while Shambo romps with other ex-racing greyhounds awaiting their forever homes. If you don’t know much about retired greyhounds, beware! I might tell you more than you ever wanted to know.

I earned a degree in math before beginning a career as an actuary. Over time, my focus shifted to retirement design and employee financial education. I was most recently at Hewlett Packard where I created tools to help employees plan for retirement. Then at age 50, I totally surprised myself by “retiring” without any prior thoughts about what was next. So much for planning! Thus began the post-career chapter of my life – even though I didn’t really know it at the time. But it’s been nine years and counting and I don’t have one morsel of regret.

I’m drawn to the opportunity to work with others in living my value of walking lightly on our earth. We have a fabulous foundation with the many sustainable features that are part of our building. I look forward to both learning and sharing ways that we can honor, support and cooperate with nature in our day-to-day lives.

I was born and raised in the Chicago area but found my way to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1975 and have been there ever since. Though I never envisioned leaving there, I’ve already had a glimpse of the cultural and outdoor opportunities Grass Valley/Nevada City has to offer — and my spirit of adventure has been ignited. I’m ready!!

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