Green Features

Energy Efficiency: Thru a combination of strategies, the Lodge is 45% more efficient than the 2010 California Code requires, considered one of the toughest codes in the country. That means minimal (imagine $20) energy bills for Lodge residents.

Passive Solar Heating: Increased interior mass, perimeter foundation insulation, efficient windows, radiant barrier in the roof sheathing, buildings oriented for optimum solar gain.

Passive Cooling: Increased interior mass, radiant barriers, ceiling fans and cross ventilation reduce the need for air conditioning.

Low Electricity Use: Energy efficient lighting, and good daylighting.

In-floor Radiant Heating: One energy efficient system serves the entire Lodge, providing excellent heat with no blowing air and all the noise and particulates that come with it.

Solar hot water provides pre-heat for domestic hot water use.

Solar photovoltaic panels provide solar electricity to the common areas including car charging locations.

Healthy Materials:Bamboo flooring, low toxicity paint and finishes, low formaldehyde materials, Marmoleum flooring, Tectum acoustic tiles.

Responsible Water Use:  Low water use fixtures and irrigation.


Responsible Forestry: Advanced framing, 25% to 40% less lumber used to build the same square footage which also allows for better insulation.

Air Quality: No wood stoves, non-smoking environment.

Walkable Location:  Goods and services (grocery, retail, shopping, restaurants) are right next door, pedestrian/elder friendly site design.

Minimum Impact Possible: Conscientious grading and tree removal, thirty percent of the site left as open space.

Reduced Driving: Studies show that folks who live in cohousing drive 25% less and own fewer autos.

Responsible Landscaping: Plantings and new trees, indigenous grasses & draught tolerant plants, minimum water use and other key permaculture attributes.

Mother Lode Inspired Architecture: Preserves heritage, green within context.

Community: Lower consumption, sharing of resources, ongoing commitment to sustainable living

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